Health services

Mityana Municipal Council has five (5) HCII’s, three (3) HCIII’s owned by the Government, two (2) HCII’s and five (5) HCIII’s privately owned with only one (1) Government Hospital. These health facilities offered variety of health services including HIV/AIDS testing and counselling, maternity, child delivery, administration of treatment, referral among others. Currently the municipality under this sector is responsible for the management of garbage, facilitation to health workers under the HCII’s, HCIII’s and HCIV’s to offer health services to the community through outreach and buying of protective gears, conduct routine monitoring of health facilities including the services of the Health management committees at the facilities, construct and rehabilitation of the health facilities among others.

The following challenges were encountered in the Implementation of the Five Year Development Plan 2014/15 - 2019/20;

  • Rehabilitation of structures at the five health facilities.
  • Upgrade the five HCII’s to HCIII’s
  • Upgrade the three HCIII’s to HCIV
  • Construction of placenta pits, youth friendly corners, patients shade and toilets.
  • Supply of beds to all health facilities within the municipality.
  • Procurement of freezers and refrigerators to health facilities.
  • Construction of the municipality medical store.