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Welcome to Mityana Municipal Council official website where we will interact and share ideas for the betterment of our municipality.

“A highly livable, industrialized, progressive, well-governed and prosperous Municipality within 30 years”

To provide Coordinated Quality services to the people of Mityana municipal Council for sustainable Social Economic Development.

i) Decency
ii) Accountability
iii) Integrity
iv) Transparency
v) Innovativeness
vi) Timeliness

Mityana Municipal Council was established by the Act of Parliament on the 01st of July 2015 and gazzeted on 9th September, 2015 under statutory instrument No. 47, 2015. The Municipality was created out of a merger between former Mityana Town Council and Former Busimbi Sub County clustered in three divisions i.e., Central, Busimbi and Ttamu. It is located in Buganda under the central region of Uganda about 69kms from Kampala and 86kms from Mubende district headquarters, with a population of 95,428 persons (NPHC, 2014)and it is one of the 20 largest urban centres in Uganda.

Mityana Municipality is located in Buganda Kingdom, Ssingo County in the Central region of Uganda. Mityana Municipal headquarters are currently located at Kanamba DFI in West Ward-Central Division at Latitudes 0°23'14.76"N and Longitudes 32° 2'4.49"E however, the new offices are under construction on Muwemba Road at Latitudes 0°24'0.87"N and Longitudes 32° 2'51.41"E with an area of about 259sqkm, of which 208sqkm is land and 52sqk is full of water and swamps.

The Municipality is mainly made up of a plateau which is dissected by valleys. These valleys to the west widen out to form papyrus swamps which drain in Lake Wamala. A distinctive feature is the hilly nature of the Municipality (part of the Ssingo hills) composed of embedded sandstones which is some areas are interrupted by some exposure of granite batholiths more distinctly in the parishes of Ttamu, Ttanda and Nakaseeta. The hills may rise to 1500m and result in step slopes. The plateau landscape is advantageous to the developers in that they do not incur many expenses for building sites clearance.

The areas around Mityana Municipality are mainly made of laterite soils with sandy loams stretching across the south-west to the north-east areas of the Municipality. Some parts have Loam Soil supporting Agricultural activities. However, due to over cultivation and other activities, soils are being washed away by erosion.

The Municipality bears the Central Forest reserves of Bulondo forest reserve located in Nakibanga ward, Kajonde Forest Reserve (Kabuwambo), Nkambwe Forest Reserve and Kaweziike Forest Reserve in Busuubizi. In Nkonya, there are two Natural forests namely; Walugondo and Namiryango. Most people rely on firewood for cooking, charcoal burning and selling as an economic activity, leading to severe destruction of the forest cover in the Municipality.

The Municipality is endowed with a number of wetlands consisting of significant biodiversity; hence, there are sensitive habitats. These wetlands are of diverse sizes, some seasonal and others, permanent. Most of the wetlands are being reclaimed for settlement and/or farming and are becoming degraded. Degradation of wetlands within the town is mainly due to excavations for sand and/or clay mining for brick making. Some of the wetlands include: Busajjabwankuba swamp in the west, Wakitundu swamps in the North and Nakatongoli Swamp.